Skopje is the capital of the Republic of Macedonia. As largest city in the country, it is a political, economic, and cultural center of Macedonia, known by its varied architecture and its mix of cultures,It lies on the upper course of the Vardar River and is located on a major north-south Balkan route between Belgrade and Athens. The first impression of a visitor to Skopje is invariably the same: it is a new and modern city. It is a trading center for the cotton, tobacco, grains, and livestock produced in the surrounding region. The city also has manufacturing facilities for iron and steel, electrical machinery, chemicals, textiles, carpets, and foods. In Skopje You can find modern hotels above cobblestoned Ottoman streets, stately neoclassical homes right around the corner, chic cafes, shopping malls and brightly-colored new offices, red-bricked Byzantine churches and rounded Turkish mosques.

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Places to visit: The Stone Bridge, Skopje Fortess Kale, Old Bazaar Market, the Church of Holy Salvation, The Museum of Macedonia, Mustapha-Pasha Mosque, The Quay of River Vardar, The Monastery of St. Panteleimon, Mother Therese Monument, The National Art Galery... 

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